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Battlefield 2 Free Download
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Battlefield 2 Free Download

 battlefield 2 free download for pc highly compressed

Download BattleField 2 for PC, the wonderful fighting game with a direct link, Mediafire, compressed, in a small size, for free, complete, today with a new game, one of the best fun and action games that can be downloaded through a computer game download site. In addition, the beautiful game is one of the most famous games that spread very quickly In the world and became one of the most important and wonderful games, which received a very great admiration from the players


battlefield 2 free download for windows 10

 As the beautiful game works on fighting and action that the players love, the game has won the admiration of many of the audience and has become a wonderful and very enjoyable mass leader among all the players, which is known and very interesting, that the wonderful game was developed in mysterious circumstances in order to be distinctly professional and that the game was Its creation in a very terrible war and combat environment that dominated the world at this time


battlefield 2 download apk

 Many important and interesting things have been made available in the game. You will engage in very violent fighting within the download of the game BattleField 2, which eliminates terrorism in this beautiful game and controls all buildings and public squares of cities and gets rid of terrorism significantly. It is mentioned that terrorists are the ones who always carry out sedition The country and therefore it is necessary to get rid of them with all my might and keep all the land safe without terrorism


battlefield 2 download size

The extremist groups have a lot of greed and greed to control the country and also plunder its wealth, and it was necessary to have an intense security presence at all the entrances and exits of the city so that they could arrest or kill the bad guys in the city so that the city would be completely safe, but these things will only be achieved through war and intense fighting In the city, through which you can reach the beautiful and very important goals in the game, which are very professional, you will go with a team of soldiers to all areas to eliminate the known terrorist outposts in the city


battlefield 2 1.5 download

And you will find that the soldiers are distinguished by the military uniforms that we have always seen, reassure our hearts all because they are the protection personnel from the danger of terrorism and enemies in the world. It is very suitable and it is necessary to be fully prepared in the face of all enemies and to preserve the city and the people in which they live from the evil of this criminal gang that you are fighting in the beautiful and very interesting game Battlefield 2 for the computer, so you have to deal with full force with the enemies and shoot with full force


 battlefield 2 download steam

The wonderful game is summed up in confronting terrorism and getting rid of it and liberating all the innocent people who are in the grip of terrorists in the game, where you are engaged in wonderful and very powerful tasks, which makes the game more and more powerful and be in a wonderful and privileged manner. It has a very distinct graphics and allows players to see the game in an attractive way and simulate reality very much


In addition to the changes that will take place within the levels, which are very distinctive, wonderful and very beautiful, as well as the levels that you find are different and have their own distinctive style in each level, which becomes increasingly difficult in each level. The four-wheel drive cars that through you can reach the tasks quickly and methodically and reach the war and combat wonderful and very distinctive


Hence, we find that the wonderful game is fun, and the wonderful company has proven its ingenuity in fighting and action within the game and in designing the professional game that players and those who do not love, and it is EA, which is famous for making games in a very professional and distinctive way in the world.


There are many wonderful and very beautiful features within the game, which are:

1- The game contains high-quality graphics that are compatible with international technology and technology in a large and wonderful way

2- The game has a distinct story, it is entertaining and also includes entertainment, great entertainment and suspense within the game

3- The game contains mobile vehicles and very powerful weapons, which makes the game very professional and suitable for everyone

4- The tasks can be reached very quickly through rapid means of transportation

5- The game can be run very quickly, which suits a lot of beautiful possibilities


Requirements to play BattleField 2 on PC

Minimum requirements to run the game:

* Processor: Pentium 4 or Athlon XP equivalent.

* RAM: 512 MB.

* Operating System: Windows XP (32-bit version)/Vista/7

* Graphics Card: 128MB Direct3D Card.

* 3D : Yes.

* DIRECTX 9.0.

* Free hard disk space: 2.3 GB.

Requirements to run the game at maximum:

Processor: Pentium 4 or Athlon XP.

* RAM: 1 GB.

* Operating System: Windows XP (32-bit version)/Vista/7

* Graphics Card: MB 256 DirectX 9.0 Card.

* 3D : Yes.

* DIRECTX 9.0.

* Free hard disk space: 3 GB.

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Battlefield 2 Free Download for pc


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