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Dying Light 2 Stay Human review
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Dying Light 2 Stay Human review

 Dying Light 2 Stay Human review

In a world of pitch darkness prevailed by brutality and far from humanity.. It lacks any semblance of hope, but it is not devoid of life. Dying Light comes with a new part that narrates for us an epic in which our hero Aiden tries to survive and preserve what remains of his humanity on a new journey Absolutely not without difficulty and certainly not lacking in fun and excitement. Today we bring you our full review of Dying Light 2 Stay Human which was a fun experience but..!


For those who do not know Dying Light, it is one of the most famous titles of the Zombies and Survival games from the perspective of the first player, which was awaited by many fans of the first part, especially since I am a fan of the world of the zombies in particular, but I am almost certain that I did not miss any game or work Drama or cinematic out of this world so I've been personally excited about it since it was announced in 2019.


the story

After several delays and stumbles, we finally released the new part that many players have been waiting for. Fortunately, this part does not require you to be a player of the first part, especially since our hero here is a completely new character called Aiden Caldwell, who accompanies us on his adventure and journey in this part. Which is tainted by mystery in a way that may be exaggerated at times to find his missing sister, Mia, who was suffering with Aiden as a result of laboratory tests, which were conducted on a large group of children, including them in a hospital, but the epidemic spread throughout The world is left homeless and Mia lost her brother, who in turn has not lost hope of finding her.


Indeed, he begins his adventure as an outcast traveler, as he is already infected with the virus, but he has not been able to fully infect him, so he must be exposed to sunlight or ultraviolet rays from time to time so as not to turn into one of these zombies. Aiden arrives in the dreaded city of Villedor and engages with the rest of its inhabitants, who are already divided among themselves into two factions, the Survivors and the Peacekeepers. And you will be rewarded for it by each faction. For example, if you help the survivors, they will work to provide means that make it easier for you to navigate the game world, such as Ziplines and others. But if you help the Peacekeepers, they will provide you with combat training points that help you face the zombies better, and so on.. but Do not think that the game provides you with complete freedom in choices, or in other words, that your choices will completely change the course of the game, such as Detroit, for example, or even in a way that approaches it. Rather, it is like your choices make the game almost linear. The world of the game through it, but in a limited way .. but also the impact of some of your choices will be reflected on your relationship with those who meet you during your journey, as you can make them get close to you or reject you.. And as you progress in the game you will find your options More impressive, especially in the last quarter of the game, which will make you may replay some parts to see the impact of your different choices.


In fact, the game fell into the trap of boring storytelling, which will make you lose your passion often, especially at the beginning of the game, as if the developers of the game did not waste any opportunity to prevent you from completing the game .. The events of the story are moving at a very slow pace and very vaguely, especially almost in the half The first for the game is “the first 6 to about 8 hours of the story” in full. The game does not give you any justification or any explanation for what is going on around you, or even about the nature of the world in which the events of the game take place and how it was formed or about the background of the game hero or the reasons for conducting experiments on him when he was young. And his sister, the game only offers you a few flashbacks that appear to him from time to time. The game does not give you anything but mystery, and not only that, but the exaggerated slowdown of events robs you of the desire to find answers to all your questions until you meet the character Lawan, who will be like a collar A survival for you as a player and as a link between the boring first half of the story and the other half, which with its appearance will improve the game's events significantly.


Side quests and game duration

The game requires approximately 20 hours to complete the events of the main story, and you will find many interesting and acceptable side missions, whether in the daytime or in the night world to do, but there is also here what some consider a defect in this part, which is that the game forces you to do some These side missions are to continue the events of the main story, which may bother some, especially if you are a fan of ending the main story events only in a short time.


game world

In fact, the game presented us with a very distinctively designed world and I think that it is one of the most important elements of the game that you can immerse yourself in and forget about any other defects. The developers excelled in depicting the world of the Post Apocalyptic in all its details, a world in which all forms of zombies and obscurantism prevail. Of course, the world will impose tension on you as soon as you move through it, and it will make you feel intimidated, and it will leave you with a feeling of loss of hope in all its corners, and it will push you to imagine what life was like before that disaster and what How things turned out in order to reach the shape of the current world. The game will make you imagine several scenarios already for many of the areas that you will pass through during your journey, especially at the beginning of the game stages, in which you go through a small party at the house of a happy couple, but how did that party become?


Despite the darkness of the game world, the deterioration of its condition and the smell of death that will creep into your nose as you explore it and the horror surrounding you from every side, especially with the presence of all forms of corpses and remains in every direction and direction, but as I said at the beginning of the lines, this world is not empty From life, if you leave the rooftops, which you often resort to to hide from any dangers, and turn to walk the streets, you will find a very large number of survivors, some of whom only want to live in peace and provide food and drink only, and some of them are wretched and arrogant, for whom the disaster left no reason. He will stop him from doing evil and harming you as soon as he sees you.


Night world and great sound effects

In fact, all of the above is only half of the game world. All of this is completely turned upside down as soon as the night falls and the world changes completely and is devoid of the manifestations of life and fear prevails in all its forms.. Some slight lights and some ultraviolet lights are spread around you The faint violet, which you will need from time to time so that it does not turn! I will not be exaggerating if I tell you that the night world of the game may be considered another game in itself, and the game will turn into one of the most terrible horror games. With the abundance of zombies and their multiplicity around you, you may find yourself surrounded by a herd of them, but sometimes you may be forced to pass through this herd to reach your goal, but without making any whisper so as not to wake them up. About running around for a chance to see you, and as soon as he gets it, he screams in a voice that might bring you flocks of the walking dead, not just one herd, all this in addition to their voices that surround you from all sides and their breath that you will feel as if they are stinging your face from the great tension that you will get It and many other highly professionally designed sound effects that guarantee you a very good experience of one of the distinctive night worlds designed in a very fun way. The developer also did not neglect to add great music to the game to add more excitement to your experience while playing, which was composed by Olivier Deriviere, which really will immerse you more in the game world and be affected by it.


movement and movement

The game provided one of the smoothest and easiest experiences of Gym Play, movement and movement, and through our experience of the game, we felt that this ease negatively affected the physics of your movement during the game. To feel as if the camera flies you sometimes in order to get you to your destination, but you will actually feel the loss of your weight while traveling. There is a difference between agility and completely weightlessness. Here you will find that you fly without the slightest exaggeration to jump between one edge and another. Rather, the parkour system, despite being fun, is It is not without flaws and lack of realism at all, especially when you have to stick to some edges or jump from one to another and the other.. What makes the experience worse is the narrowness of the camera angles that are very noticeable. It is possible while you are climbing a wall that you do not see anything but this wall or for example Some of the edges of the hills, you will find that the camera gets too close to those hills or walls, which provides a strange experience. We also did not overlook the absence of any physical body around you. If you are walking and in front of you, for example, a table and behind it are some things that are above the floor of the room, you will not find that It obstructs your movement in any way, but you will pass through it without even trying as if you are taking a simple step forward, which gives you a completely illogical sense of the elements around you. The matter will differ from one player to another. You may not prefer those unrealistic in movement, and another player may like it because of the ease and speed of movement in a fun and smooth way, and what increases the fun here is your movement using the parachute over the different parts of the city and the use of Ziplines, stairs and other things. The elements that refine your experience smooth and fun, the parkour system in this part depends on the upward pattern. You are surprised that this movement is closed when you start the story and you have to rise to open it, whether it is or other movements.


Fighting style, weapons and artificial intelligence

To complement the Gameplay, the game presented a good fighting style in battles, "especially with the living." It is not free of bloody and slashing. The style of the game is simple, as it relies on melee weapons and is based on beating and avoidance only, but linking the parkour style to fighting is what made it distinctive and enjoyable on the For example, you can jump on the back of an enemy to kick another enemy while you are in the air, or even run towards an enemy and cling to it while jumping and throw it from the top of a building, and so on from various methods of fighting using parkour, but do not raise the ceiling of your ambitions too, as usual, the game did not The whole experience is flawless, all of the above will feel the complete opposite while you are fighting the zombies, it seems as if you are hitting special statues from their strange reactions while being beaten, which is sometimes comical, not to mention their almost non-existent artificial intelligence during the fight or even while moving next to them .


Despite the reliance of the game on hand weapons, you have many options, up to 140 weapons, according to the developer’s description, which you find during your journey in the game, and they differ in their properties and impact on your enemies, some of which are sharp, and some of them are strong, which break and smash, and each weapon has its own durability Which is weakened by frequent use, and unlike the previous part, here you cannot repair your weapons that are about to be damaged, which gives you the opportunity to try as many weapons as possible.


Game Basics

Despite the fun that you find in the game world that we described previously and the gameplay as well, I faced some problems in the lack of details of the basics of the game, which I could not overlook or overlook.. Once the events of the game begin, you will feel that it is a game that needs more details in the basics.. The Looting system is very strange, it does not change if you are looking for your loot in a bag or in the corpse of one of your enemies or even in the corpse of a zombie. Even to search in the pockets of any corpse or other minor details.


Also other missing details that when you want to open a door to pass through from one room to another, you only have to press the box to find it opens by itself without any details of the movement of your hands or even you open the door handle or even just push it forward.


And other details that make you feel that the game is outdated or out of date with the era in which it was released, as if it was a game released for devices of the previous generation.


These may be minor details and some may overlook, but they really affected my experience of the game, as the matter is moving away from reality little by little.


The developer also did not succeed in showing the details of the characters' feelings or the reflection of any reactions on their faces, but you will even find problems with Lip Syncing and you will find noticeable suffering for their movement during speech.


The game comes fully Arabized, but the localization also suffers from some problems, such as errors in some instructions that appear during the game or the lack of translation of some side conversations.


Technical performance of the game

In addition to the previous problems, the game is not without technical problems, so our experience was on the Playstation console version, which will become clear to you during its experience that a very terrible Downgrade was done for all the game elements for the Ps4 from the Ps5, which in turn did not prevent the length of the waiting screens Loading Screens not to mention that you will feel in both The two devices that you need more sharpness of detail especially when you get close to the physical elements around you.


Launching the game is similar to launching the Cyberpunk game, as it is full of Glitches and Bugs, especially in copying consoles, which will spoil the fun of the game completely. For example, while doing some side missions in the game, I found some technical errors that occurred and required that you repeat the task from its beginning after It takes about an hour to avoid these mistakes. Not to mention the climbing errors and disabilities that I encountered during my movement, for example when getting out of the water and others.. and the sudden disappearance of the people you were talking to after the end of the conversation.. the computer version was also not free from many technical errors, some of which hinder the process of saving your progress In the game you find that you replay a very large part of the game every time you restart it.


The price of the game and is it worth buying

The game is released on all current and previous generation devices in several copies, starting with the standard version, which is available at a price of $ 60. In fact, if you want to know whether it is worth buying or not, I cannot recommend it to you for purchase, especially at the present time, or at least until errors are fixed The technical game and others. In my view, the game needed a longer development period of no less than 6 months and perhaps another year in order to be issued without errors and to give it the details that this world deserves, especially since it has been designed very well .. Unless you are a fan of the series Despite all these flaws, the game will undoubtedly provide you with an enjoyable experience to play, an excellently designed world, an easy gameplay, fierce combat, and a satisfying story.



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