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Horror series with GAMERSFIELD Part 2
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Horror series with GAMERSFIELD Part 2

 Horror game types:

Horror games are divided into more than one section, we will mention some of them.

The first is: the inevitable confrontation

Examples: Dead Space

This means that your path is in a straight line and you cannot change it. You must confront it inevitably. When you see the beast in front of you, you must kill it and there is no escape or escape from it.. Your path is in a straight line, so you must kill it to cross and complete your way to the end. Horror games on this point.


The second is: to survive by yourself
Examples: OutLast

All you have to do is run away, you are being chased and cannot confront.. you do not have the ability to confront, all you have to do is run and run and run as fast as you have, this game has achieved success because of the story is somewhat different from the various other horror games, where You want to get out of the place you were locked inside in order to preserve your life from some mysterious and unknown creatures.


The third is: stay alive for as long as possible


Examples: Left 4 Dead 2

And here comes the teamwork, strength and unity of the team, the task is limited to an area with limited exits, but you can escape to reach the safety room to provide yourself with weapons and ammunition, you must protect the team leader because he is risking his life in order to bring fuel to the car that will enable you to survive, some These beings can be deterred, and others need strong strength.. When you are a team that protects each other, you cannot be defeated easily, but to reach the door of safety, you must keep the last drop of blood in your body.. The distance is somewhat far and the monsters are very many. This means that you will survive for as long as possible.


The fourth is: the right choice in exchange for your life

Examples: Saw

Your life is in exchange for the right choice, you wake up from sleep to find yourself kidnapped by an unknown person and he puts you in deadly machines and white weapons, and you have to do what he wants from you to get your freedom, but if you make a mistake, the choice, you will pay your life for this mistake. From the least widespread, by the nature of some players do not like to solve puzzles and riddles.


The fifth is: wrestling with time


Examples: MineCraft

This game depends only on time, so you have to build a fortress before nightfall. Do you know why?!

Because of the creatures of the night, all you have to do is build a big fortress that is difficult to climb by using rocks and stones, the game is open and all you have to do is find more jewels and gems and when you feel the nightfall hurry to hide or build your castle .. This type of games is rare to find because it does not apply to the air of most players, but it achieved success because of its new and distinctive idea.