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Martha is Dead review
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Martha is Dead review

 Martha is Dead review

Let's start our review with a funny situation about the game Martha is Dead, where the game was liked by many players, this appeared in a hashtag on Twitter titled marthaisdead, it seems normal for our community of players, as for those who are not interested in games, their minds lost them when seeing the hashtag, Where some thought that the American businesswoman Martha Stewart had passed away, and began posting tweets expressing their love for her, others began publishing memes to link the hashtag with Martha's character from Batman V Superman.


A dark, carefully woven story 

 Martha is Dead is a psychological horror game produced by Wired Productions. The game begins from the perspective of Julia, the twin sister of Martha, who live with father Eric and mother Irina, an Italian family living in peace until the death of Martha, the spoiled daughter of her parents, and it seems that her killing is not an accident, After Julia decides to impersonate her sister in front of the parents, she begins her quest to uncover her sister's killer.


The game takes place in a small town in Italy during the war of Germany against the Allies in 1944. The atmosphere in the game is more than wonderful and conveys to you the suffering of the war, through some notes and appearances as the family food stock is always filled with vegetables, which reflects to you how an Italian family is one Its members, the father, a general of the army, gets special privileges, some of which are the basics of living, but in wars, everything is different. You will also always hear the sounds of warplanes and follow the war battles and their details through Martha newspaper.


The combination of the horrors of war and the tragic story experienced by the family, especially Julia, greatly serves the main objective of the game, which is psychological horror and integration into the game's story. The development of the events is wonderful and is well woven, as the shocks follow in the second half of the game and for me all of them are justified, except for some things, and to avoid burning, it suffices me to say that some events are contradictory with others.


For a different experience you can change the language to Italian, it is the default language for voice chats in the game, English is also excellent, but I advise you to try the Italian language with English texts, you may get a feeling similar to my feeling of immersion in the story more.

horror elements:

Our game is a psychological horror game, so it is important for the player to feel nervous, afraid or uncomfortable. In the game Martha is Dead, you will feel the tension in the atmosphere of the forest at night and you will pass several times next to Martha's body, this was helped a lot by the general atmosphere of the game, which left mixed feelings between being affected by the events and what might happen soon.


During the first seconds in the game, you will get two messages to confirm the presence of scenes of severe violence and scenes that may harm some people who suffer from some psychological and organic diseases, and the game also got an age rating of +17 for the same reasons. We are used to these messages especially from horror games, but Martha is Dead contained some scenes that I could not bear to look at for a long time, and that left a strange impression on me,


Other than those disgusting scenes, the game is not so terrifying, most of the game’s events take place in broad daylight in the atmosphere of trees and the sounds of birds, which in turn gives you a sense of safety, after spending about 5 hours in the game, I did not feel very nervous or afraid except in 20 minutes, for example .


The acoustics and music are not stable

The acoustics are excellent and help to enter the atmosphere, and serve the basic idea of ​​the game, which is psychological horror and tension. As for the music, it was in place and serves the dramatic events in many times, and at other times I did not understand why I heard this sad music while walking in the forest. terrifying.




What distinguished the game most besides the wonderful story is the graphics and their excellent quality, the trees and forests are designed in a distinctive way that gives value just to stand and look at the scenic views, as for the interior designs of the house and the tools, they all carry very beautiful details.


 Technical problems spoiled the experience 

Despite being a game that does not represent a big load on our devices, whether PC or platforms, the performance on PC was very poor and spoiled all the features of the game. My experience with the game was on a mid-range PC which wasn't a hindrance to my experience of bigger games, but it was sluggish Martha is Dead feels like I'm trying to play it on a ten year old PC, a lot of stuttering and freezing on high or medium settings, when set to low The problems did not completely disappear but became playable at the expense of the graphics. I tried to delay the review in the hope that an update would fix these problems, but here we are, several days after the game was released, and an update has not yet been released.


It is worth noting that these problems appeared more in specific areas and in specific cases as well, for example in front of the house in the daytime was the most choppy time, you might lose your nerve while going down the basement ladder that contains a bug that turns the camera in the opposite direction.

The reason for this may be a lack of experience from the developer studio, according to the opinions of the community, the game works very well on other platforms.


Mentioning the positives, some technical solutions that were not revolutionary but considered a great cleverness from the developer studio, for example, to avoid the poor quality of animating the faces of the characters during their conversation, which appeared at the beginning of the game and was not good enough, the studio made most of the conversations of other characters such as father and mother Talk behind a door where Julia is listening to them without them knowing, great technical solution.


playing style:

The game can be considered more like a walking simulator, in most moments of the game you move between places looking for clues that take you to another place to perform another task, there is not much we can talk about this aspect. Some moments were happening in Julia's dreams while she was only controlling the directions of Julia's perspective, they were good but very short, not more than a minute or two.


Julia loves photography and always carries a camera in her bag, it was a great addition, not new but well designed, you will enjoy a lot of taking pictures and adjusting focus and lighting, image processing in the dark room added a special fun and was the most important characteristic of the gameplay.



A distinctive horror game with a dark and dramatic story, horrific and disgusting scenes that dig into the mind, balanced and smooth gameplay, varying elements of horror, some of which stir tension in the player's heart and others do not move, in short, we are facing a good experience that would have been distinctive if it had not been spoiled by technical defects On PC, if our experience had been on another platform, I think our evaluation of it would have been a lot different.



If you are a platform owner, whether Playstation or Xbox, I advise you to try it if you are a fan of psychological horror games and dark stories, especially since the game is available at a price of $ 30, it is not expensive, as for PC owners, it is better to wait for an update that fixes technical problems before you spend your money.