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Weird West Review
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Weird West Review

 Weird West Review

Over the past few years, indie games have dominated the video game market and carved out their place among the top blockbuster games and well-known franchises. We are now on a date with one of the most promising independent games, especially as it takes place in the old western atmosphere with some paranormalities. Was it up to expectations or disappointing.


The game was developed by studio WolfEye. Weird West is the studio's first game. The studio was created by Creative Director predating Dishonored, so the chaotic and action-oriented gameplay always appears in its games as seen here in Weird West. The game was supposed to be released in December 2021 but was pushed back to the end of March 2022.


the story:

The game takes place in an ancient western setting where outlaws and armed gangs are everywhere. The story is played with five different characters. A bounty hunter seeks to rescue her kidnapped husband after killing her son; A freak is seeking revenge after his horrific transformation; Siham young man seeks to protect his land from evil spirits; Werewolf and witch. All these characters are linked into one story as they take turns playing between them.


The story missions look great at first but after a few hours, you find that the missions are repetitive and don't have a good amount of creativity and variety, you go somewhere fight several people or talk to the mayor or go find some tool to advance in the story.


Perhaps the most remarkable feature of the story is the dialogues between the characters, which cannot be said to be perfect, but they are good and serve the atmosphere. With the diversity of the NPC's characters that you meet in the game world, comes the diversity in their methods of speaking, their ideas and interests, and this is well shown in the dialogues. Despite its low level at the beginning of the game, it changed significantly after entering deeper into the story and in the side quests.


Those side quests were good and entertaining. One loses his coat, the other seeks revenge, a gang leader wants to control a specific piece of land, and sometimes a strange being asks you to break his curse. Those were most of the side quest ideas I've finished. Very varied and interesting, but it ended in a very short time, in addition to the problem of repetition in the style of play, which was the problem of the game in general and not the side missions in particular.


The story of the game and the side stories are good and try to spread a sense of horror and excitement in the heart of the player, but from the perspective of what the player is doing. You always find yourself doing the same thing, sneaking into a place or attacking hard and breaking into the place or assassinating someone in search of your main target, nothing new after ten hours of playing so one of the game's strongest flaws was the repetition in designing missions.


What does Weird West offer?

Weird West is an Immersive sim, meaning that it gives the player great freedom to adapt the mechanics of the world to shape it as he wants so that the player does not feel that he is forced into a specific way of playing. This was one of the most successful elements of Weird West. It gives the player the freedom to decide how he wants to perform his time within the game world.


Navigating the game world is done by clicking on the desired place on the map and you will move to it within a few seconds. Perhaps this idea the developers resorted to to avoid the boring open world and force themselves to fill in the blanks, which may fail and become just a burden on the game.


playing style:

I could liken it to Far Cry, a place full of enemies and the choice is up to you to either attack head-on or take cover and kill them one by one. The direct attack is very chaotic and very exciting, especially with the special skills of the characters and the variety of attack methods. It is somewhat difficult, because the artificial intelligence of the enemies is good, as they attack you collectively and disperse in an orderly manner to find yourself trapped, receiving strikes from different directions, but sometimes it becomes too chaotic, so you don't know how you died.


Stealth in the game depends on bending, running is heard by nearby enemies, which added great fun to stealth. You can also hide by staying in the grass, and this takes us to a point that distinguishes Weird West greatly, which is how the game world serves the method of stealth. The presence of grass and rocks that you can hide in, the use of bottles to throw them to attract the attention of enemies, and espionage through the windows of buildings, all are elements that enhance the method of stealth and the skill tree enhances the method of direct attack.


The skill tree unlocks abilities that can be added to your weapons, both firearms and handguns. She added to the fight a different dimension.


The ideas that have been applied to the shooting mechanic at Weird West are different. The developers encountered a problem with the application of the 3D overhead shooter. For example, in Weird West you can shoot at birds, and here you are wondering how the player can control the height of the weapon in a game from an overhead perspective?

The game director answered that question in an interview that they resorted to an innovative method to solve this problem by drawing an imaginary line along the nozzle of your weapon and through its intersection with the objects opposite you. .


You can watch the interview to get a deeper understanding of the idea:

return value:

Weird West has a chance to become a replayable game, where you can replay your experience in a different way, for example, most players take care not to break the law in the game to maintain your moral level. So you can replay your experience without paying attention to it to see how it affects your experience, the story of the game and the side quests.



A good game in a distinguished world that carries different ideas and was executed in excellent manner. It is flawed by not mastering the story properly and paying more attention to the style of play, which also carries some defects of course despite its distinction. Therefore, I recommend trying it if you are a fan of top-level games and the worlds of the West with supernatural characters.


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