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Resident Evil 3 (1999) Free Download
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Resident Evil 3 (1999) Free Download

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Resident Evil 3 is known as the survival horror game, which was released in 1999 by Capcom and is classified as an action and adventure game that requires some combat skills to be able to escape and eliminate enemies, in addition to containing some difficult puzzles that require concentration and intelligence skills. To be able to solve it, which will lead you to get rid of many of the problems and obstacles you face, making it one of the best computer games for many years.


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The game undoubtedly needs an intelligent, fast, adventurous player who is not afraid of difficulties and this is what distinguishes the professional player from others, and if you have started the adventure in the previous parts of this game, you will certainly not find it difficult to complete this adventure in this most powerful and enthusiastic part And excitement, hurry up and download the Resident Evil 3 game to start the fun you wish for.


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The idea of ​​the game is heading towards the spread of a dangerous biological viral disease in Raccoon City, in which the game takes place, where this cursed virus causes strange mutations to humans and animals within this city, turning them into strange monster-like creatures known as zombies that chase all healthy people in the city. From this point, it was decided The police formed a whole team to confront this disease and find out the cause of its spread.


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But when the team enters this city, it disappears and no news is known to them, so the police make sure that the team is in danger, so they have to send a new team known as the Stars team. Continuing about a way to heal them by deciphering some puzzles and knots, all of this takes place in an exciting and fun atmosphere that makes you want to continue playing and reach the end after downloading Resident Evil 3 game for PC.


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After downloading the Resident Evil 3 game for PC from the Way Games website, you will notice that this part follows the story of agent Jill Valentine, who sought to escape from Resident Evil in the first part and from the city infected with biological weapons and the deadly virus that we talked about earlier, but she returns to Raccoon City to search for survivors In addition to searching for the origins of the manufacturer of this deadly virus, which was the first cause of its spread.


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Jill Valentine faces her biggest enemy, the Nemesis monster, who was created by Umbrella to kill all members of the Stars squad. Of the mercenaries, Nikolai, Carlos and Mikhail, and we find that Nikolai seeks to survive alone so as not to expose the Umbrella company, but we find him dying during the game more than once at the hands of the Nemesis monster and at the hands of Gil while he is inside the raft while Mikhail dies inside the train at the hands of Nemesus.


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You will find that the events of the game revolve within an atmosphere charged with fear and terror with the presence of the largest monster Nemesis and a number of other monsters, dogs and frightening people from zombies and a giant worm, and in the middle of this frightening and terrifying atmosphere, Agent Gil must solve many difficult complexes, problems and puzzles, and every time Eagle makes decisions Different puzzles and hardships to solve.


Resident Evil 3 APK vision

The heroes of the game are also infected with the virus that Nemesis transmitted to them after he attacked the raft in which the Eagle is located, and he attacked and stuck his teeth in it to transmit the infection to her. The scenario of the game changes based on the decisions made by the player to solve the puzzles and difficulties, and this is what distinguishes the Resident Evil game from other games, which is the multiplicity of scenarios within one game.


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In order to be able to master the game quickly and solve the problems you face, you must be fully familiar with the ways of playing and the methods used to carry out the required tasks with accuracy and success. You can control them through the following buttons:


Indicators on the right side of the keyboard allow you to direct and control the player's movement.

C is used to hit monsters and confront them with foot combat skills.

Spacebar you can use in order to jump.

X This key is used in case you encounter monsters and you want to hit one of them with your hand combat skills.

You have to hit the R key if you want to switch the ammo of the weapon you are carrying.

You have to hit the Enter key if you want to enter any closed place.

The Esc button allows you to return to the main user interface.

In order to open the scope of your weapon, if available, click on the right side of the mouse.

The left side allows you to shoot monsters.


Whereas in the case of using electronic arms, they are as follows:

Pointers aim to guide the player and move him.

R2 also allows you to open the scope.

The circle is used to highlight the combat skills of the foot.

The X is used to demonstrate hand-to-hand combat skills.

The triangle is used for jumping.

The box is used for firing.

You can switch your weapon by clicking on the R1 option.


When you download Resident Evil 3 game for PC, you will find that the game has a number of characteristics that distinguished it from its competitors, in addition to the additional features that were developed by the manufacturer of this game that you will not find in the old versions of this game, and we note the increasing demand for this game from During the increase in its download times on the computer, it does not require a large space and high operating requirements, and it is worth mentioning here the most important characteristics that the game enjoyed:


1- third person perspective

After you finish downloading the Resident Evil 3 game for PC and start playing it, you will notice that the game has 3D imaging or a third-person perspective, which is different from Resident Evil 2, so you choose the player you want to play in turn as if you are on the ground and live in that terrifying atmosphere and increase the enthusiasm And the thrill by watching all the details of the game from monsters, equipment, weapons, and others, in all directions and angles, so it is easy for you to master the game, appreciate situations and puzzles, and learn ways to solve them. Do not hesitate to download Resident Evil 3 for PC, because you will have an unparalleled experience.


2- Game graphics

You will live in the atmosphere of professional games because of the accurate graphics and high graphics, so you forget for a moment that you are in the middle of an electronic game and feel as if you are in the middle of the truth between different characters, places and monsters that must be defeated, and you continue to fight battles and confrontations because of the real fun you find during playing from the visual effects that make you feel With the strength and enormity of this famous game, so be sure that you will not regret downloading Resident Evil 3 for PC, but you will find inside it everything that makes you happy.


3- The story of the game

In the event that we delve into the story and idea of ​​the game, we note that the game is unique with an innovative and modern story that is not like any other competing game, where the story of the game is one of the strongest characteristics of the game that has attracted millions towards it, so hurry up and download Resident Evil 3 game for the computer to know the full story of the game from The beginning of the emergence of biological disease and the transformation of humans into powerful monsters that attack other humans, and learn the secrets of the disappearance of the first search team, to have fun and excitement in a terrifying and frightening atmosphere, and face all challenges and difficulties with strength and courage.


4- Maps

In order to move inside the game correctly without wasting time searching and searching, the game designers provided a number of maps that guide players to the whereabouts of monsters to beware of them and not to collide with them and investigate the appropriate time to eliminate them. And it guarantees you to explore and renew in the sites, so you do not feel bored or bored from the same place, yes, it is a professional experience that makes you in constant excitement and fun.


5- Strong confrontations

Of course, you will face fierce battles and strong confrontations in order to eliminate monsters and enemies using a range of weapons and equipment available to you within the game with the ability to exchange one of these weapons with another weapon such as pistols, rifles, bombs, and others, and in order to walk towards saving the city you will need to do many Exciting confrontations that push you to keep playing and pass all the stages.



In addition to the previously mentioned features, after downloading the Resident Evil 3 mobile game, you will find that it includes a large number of wonderful features that make the user feel that he is spending wonderful and exciting times while playing it, and to talk about these features we can summarize them in the following points:


The playing area is vast and imaginative.

The game offers a number of different weapons that increase with the progress of the stages.

Realistic and distinctive sound effects.

Professional visual effects.

There are a lot of explanations inside the game settings.

The size of the game is small and does not require high operating requirements.

Get cash prizes inside the game.

You can control all the settings, especially the game control settings.

The game is available in several languages, the most important of which is English.

The game is completely free and you do not need to pay either before or after downloading the game.


System Requirements

OS: Microsoft Windows 95, 98, or newer

Processor: CPU( without 3D card* ): Pentium200MHz

Memory: 48 MB RAM

Graphics: DirectDraw supporting board (need to support DirectX6.1,X7 )

DirectX: Version X6.1

Storage: 387 MB available space

Sound Card: Direct Sound supporting board ( need to support DirectX6.1,X7 )

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