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Resident Evil 0 (2016) Free Download
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Resident Evil 0 (2016) Free Download

 Resident Evil 0 (2016) Free Download

The Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster series is one of the most famous and successful game series, not only for being a game, but for presenting many versions that provided a lot of adventure over many years, many parts of which are re-released in the modern design environment, which has received a lot of acclaim, especially And the parts re-released with modern technologies contain many features that were able to attract many fans of the series to re-seal the re-released parts in a new way, which many responded to with many positive opinions


Which also contributed to attracting many new players to this series, especially because the game contains a different perspective on survival and surviving many exciting events that characterized the series, which is what we are pleased to present Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster, which We offer you from downloading games


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With the succession of releases and a lot of confusion in the story that needed a lot of clarification and which we have already explained, but this part is what shows how the beginning of the story through which the game begins, which was released for the first part of it in 1998, in addition to presenting many modern ideas at the time, which Through it, many game developers were able to build the future of games based on many of the ideas that were put forward through the game, which was one of the most powerful games of its year at this time, which the developer was able to maintain even with the re-release of the old versions of the game.


 As she was able to mobilize millions of her fans around the world because of the way the game's gameplay includes a lot of thinking and not relying on strength only, in addition to the possibility of closing the story through the assistant character after or before it was concluded by the main hero, which some thought was boring, but it turned out Being one of the most interesting things, especially that each character has its own story, and every player will wonder in the game after solving the puzzle of each game where you can use two characters wisely inside the game, you can roam the map and collect all the data and you will be amazed by the wonderful adventures that exist within the game.


resident evil 2016 pc game highly compressed free download

On July 23, 1998, a train owned by the pharmaceutical company Umbrella Ecliptic Express is attacked by a swarm of leeches. Passengers and crew are under attack. A mysterious young man watches the chaos caused by a hill. Two hours later, the STARS Police Special Service Police's Bravo Team is sent to investigate a series of cannibal murders. Humans in the Arklay Mountains outside Raccoon City on their way to the scene of the accident, whose two propellers fail the engines


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 Crashing into a forest while searching the vicinity, Bravo Team Officer Rebecca Chambers comes across the Express now motionless and explores it only to find the passengers and crew transformed into zombies, unaware that their transformation was the result of exposure to a virus Umbrella is working on. Quinn, a former Marine Corps reconnaissance officer who was to be executed for killing 23 people, until his military police car crashes into the area. Rebecca and Bailey soon notice the same mysterious young man.


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Moments before the train suddenly starts moving again, the couple don't know that two Umbrella soldiers on the orders of Albert Wesker and William Berkin attempt to take control and destroy the train but are killed by flaws before they can complete their mission when the train gets out of control Rebecca and Billy apply the brakes and avoid Their path toward an abandoned building Upon exploring the area, they discover it is an abandoned training facility for future executives. Both Rebecca and Bailey discover that the former director of the facility and co-founder of the foundation, Dr. James Marcus, was responsible for discovering the so-called progenitor virus in the 1960s and decided to examine its potential as a biological weapon and combined it with DNA. Litri to develop a virus that causes rapid mutations in organisms and thus turns humans and animals into savage zombies. As Rebecca and Billy continue to explore the facility, Wesker decides to leave Umbrella and join its rival and make plans to conduct further research on the t-Virus, while Birkin rejects his offer to join. mechanism.


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But instead he chooses to complete his research on the G-virus. Later Rebecca is separated from Billy to go on her own. She encounters Captain Enrico Marini, who tells her that the rest of the Bravo team will gather in an old mansion they have found but they allow her to stay behind to find Billy only after Enrico leaves and is attacked. Rebecca by a tyrant After the tyrant is temporarily defeated, Rebecca meets Billy again and beats them together and they continue towards a water station. Rebecca and Billy eventually meet the man who controls his mind, which is similar to Marcus' last experience, the Queen Leach, which is the name given to the caterpillar he was experimenting with. Ten years ago, Marcus was assassinated on the orders of another co-founder, Oswell E Spencer. After his body was dumped, the Queen Leach entered his body and revived it, gaining his memories and his ability to move, and then I thought Marcus orchestrated the outbreak of the virus in the facility and on the train as a means. To retaliate against Parachute after being temporarily defeated, Billy and Rebecca attempt to escape to the roof via an elevator, which falters the facility's self-destruct mechanism. She is pursued by Queen Lake. The husband eventually kills her and Escape before the facility is destroyed After they escape, Rebecca notices the mansion mentioned by Marini and prepares to head there, and before she does so assures Billy that her police report will list him as another accident victim, thanking her for her freedom.


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As we are used to from the series, which offers an exciting system of control, in addition to the third-person perspective that the game is famous for, and the general atmosphere based on survival in a place full of dangers, which is something that many liked, especially since the game tries as much as possible, even with the first versions of the game, to simulate reality And relying on the player’s intelligence, even in his situation in an environment full of tension and excitement, frankly, you will not have the slightest idea of ​​when you might meet a monster or where it might emerge for you. This requires a lot of focus and maintaining the stability of your actions, which does not always happen as a result of the designers’ preservation of The atmosphere of tension to live the atmosphere of the game, in which the pace of excitement increases with the increase of puzzles that require you to solve in order to be able to cross a certain area, which means that the goal here is not to get yourself into a place where you shoot, but the situation here is absolutely different, for each shot has its time and goal. Either you are a fan Just shooting, my son, you will suffer from a lack of bullets and access to weapons, which means that you will not be able to live life Rambo style within any part of this series that puts you under many tests to test your composure that You need it in this game to be able to stamp it.


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Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster is one of the horror games that has proven overwhelming success in the middle of action and horror games around the world, and the launch of that game was in the global market at the beginning of 2016 to record the highest success rate and achieve a very large sales percentage. This game is considered the fifth part of the series Resident Evil games, which are known as “Resident Evil”, and with the changes that occur in a new season of the game, we find that this part is a major change in the course of the game in general, but in light of the old game method so as not to miss the enthusiasm of the previous parts.


Of course, the game offers many features of this version, which was welcomed by many, including: –

- The graphics have been greatly improved in this version. In addition, the control has been greatly improved.

- The added cinematic clips have also been improved to add more suspense.

- In addition to improving the graphics of the game to support HD format.

- The game also offers more puzzles in this part. The game also maintains more tense atmosphere in this version. In addition to retaining the third-person perspective that the series is famous for.


Explain how to install Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster on PC

We now offer you how to run Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster on your computer and how to change the settings and start the game:


- You have to download the game first through the direct link at the bottom of the article.

- After you have finished downloading the game, you will find it inside a zip file. You must decompress it by selecting the files and clicking on them with the right mouse button and choosing the Extract Here command.

- After that you will find a file with the full game.

- You then install the game by pressing the Setup command and specifying the installation location, then start the installation process.

- You can then open the game by opening the Start file, which is located inside the game file with the extension EXE.

- After that, you can go to Option, which is the settings menu through which you can change the control and the buttons responsible for it and change the game's graphics and sound settings.


Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster PC Requirements

Minimum requirements to run the game:

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz or better, AMD Athlon X2 2.8Ghz or better.

RAM: 2 GB.

Operating system: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.

Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260, ATI Radeon HD 6790, or better.

Free hard disk space: 23 GB.

Requirements to run the game at maximum:

Processor : Intel Core 2 Quad 2.7 Ghz or better, AMD Phenom II X4 3 Ghz or better.

RAM: 4 GB.

Operating system: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.

Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 or better, ATI Radeon HD6950 or better.

Free hard disk space: 23 GB.